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The Best archiver for Windows 10 and compatible OS

WinRar was developed back in 1995 when computers had small storage space and the program to compress files was essential. There was no USB Flash Drives with high capacity at that time, so the information had to be compressed as much as possible to be stored on 2 Mb Floppy Disks. But even now, the old archivers like WinRar can surprise users with new versions, which are full of useful features.

Nowadays, WinRar is mostly used to archive documents, books, video, music and photos. The process of creating an archive is called the packaging or archiving and retrieving data from the archives - unpacking or extraction. By archiving large files we can significantly save the storage space on the hard drive. Also, the program comes handy when you need to send some photos by e-mail.

WinRar is the most functional and powerful program for data compression. Most of the users of World Wide Web considered WinRar the best software for a reason. It features an accessible, intuitive interface and allows you to quickly compress files for their further storage on your computer or movement to another PC.

WinRar supports all the currently available archive formats, including rar, which is one of the most popular. The only limitation is the ability to create archives only in the formats rar and zip, but unpacking archives is available for file types zip, rar, cab, arj, lzh, tar, gz, uue, bz2, jar, ace, iso, 7z, z and others. As you can see, with the help of WinRar you can open almost any archive. That’s why this program is so popular and respected among the users.

WinRar can be used to create self-extracting archive file that can be extracted on any computer. Therefore, you will be able to unpack the archive without even having the WinRar installed on the computer. Additionally, with the help of WinRar you can create multivolume archives. This method allows you to divide a big file into volumes, the size of which can be set by the user. WinRar is able to compress data and reduce the size up to 90%.

Why it is important to download the latest version of WinRar for your PC?
It is very important to have the latest version of WinRar, since the most recent features will be available only in the latest version. Also, most of the bugs are fixed in the latest version.

If I have x64 bit Windows 10 version should I download 64 bit version of WinRar?
If you have the 64 bit version of Windows 10 you can have x32 version of WinRar, but we recommend to download the latest version of x64 version of WinRar, because it was specifically developed for 64 bit version of operating system.